Sunday, June 15, 2014

Scrambled eggs with smoked fish and hollandaise

I really liked the smoked trout, dill and chive scrambled eggs on toast they used to serve at Ellacure, and always ordered it with some of their fabulous mustard-spiked Hollandaise on the side. Unfortunately the dish disappeared from the menu a couple of months ago and I haven't stopped craving it! So today I had a go at making something similar.

Firstly I made a batch of Hollandaise sauce. Then I added four whole eggs to the two eggs whites left over after making the sauce and made scrambled eggs. When the eggs were almost cooked, I stirred about 200 grams of smoked fish through them. I then added a little seeded mustard to the Hollandaise, gently reheated it and poured the sauce over the eggs to serve.

We enjoyed it! I used smoked kippers instead of
trout, but will try to find some smoked trout for next time

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