Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brekkie @ Ellacure

We've been in a bit of a rut lately. Canberra has dozens, if not hundreds, of great places to have breakfast, yet we had mainly been rotating between Wilbur's, Hudson's, and Joey's on Sunday mornings. So after a bit of Googling, we decided to give Ellacure at Bruce a go today. It ticked all the boxes: cycling distance from home, open on Sunday mornings, and a yummy-looking menu!

Andrew's new camera has a 'cartoon effect' feature. How cool is that?

He had: French toast with dusted strawberries, spiced maple syrup and a side of bacon. Long black. Comments: Liked the generous serving of French toast. Nice bread – brioche, perhaps? I liked the spiced maple syrup, and the bacon was good.

His ...

She had: Bean and chorizo cassoulet, poached egg, parmesan chilli toast, and a side of Hollandaise. Flat white. Comments: Sublime combination of flavours and textures! Yummo.

... and hers!

The coffee was also good

We arrived just after 8 am and the place was almost empty. By the time we finished brekkie at 9, the joint was jumping. So our advice would be to get there early. The surroundings are elegant and the service friendly. We'll be back ...

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Update: Sunday 23 March 2014

Oh no!! We'd become regulars at Ellacure, attracted (on my part at least) by my addiction to, and craving for, the smoked trout, dill and chive scrambled eggs on toast, with mustard-spiked Hollandaise on the side. Andrew was a fan of their French toast with clove-infused maple syrup. We rocked up today for brekkie and discovered both these options had been removed from the menu. The new weekend brunch menu is here. Today we tried:

Baked pancakes with poached autumn 
fruits, whipped ricotta and maple syrup


Eggs Benedict with beetroot-cured salmon

Andrew really liked his pancakes, and while my Eggs Benedict was perfectly acceptable ... I'm afraid I'm pining for the trout that got away.

Oh well. Sigh.

Yet another update: Monday 9 June 2014

We're still feeling a bit grief-stricken about Ellacure deleting our favourite two dishes from the menu. Nevertheless, we decided to go back there yesterday. I had the Eggs Benedict with house-cured salmon again (yep, still good), while Andrew tried the very elegant big brekkie:

I'm thinking of trying to replicate the lost smoked trout dish at home. Watch this space ... I'll post a recipe and photo if it goes OK ...

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Denise said...

I'm a sucker for French toast too, and maple syrup. And bacon. And strawberries .... hmmmm .... sounds like I'd better visit this place!