Thursday, March 17, 2016

Go green

Some of my ancestors hailed from Ireland and my favourite colour is green. Over the years I've amassed a range of green items, including tops, pants, jackets, shoes, jewellery (alas, beads rather than emeralds) and bags. I try not to wear them all at once ...

Anyway, here's a green-themed recipe collection to celebrate St Patrick's Day!

Couldn't resist buying these tabi socks when

Coriander and green pea dip
Chunky avocado salsa

Pea and tofu soup
Coconut split pea soup
Pumpkin soup with drizzled coriander pesto

Light meals
Baked eggs in avocados
Avocado macaroni cheese
Pumpkin and pea curry
Various noodle-y delights

Green tea crème brûlée
Avocado, lime, ginger and pistachio ice cream
Green tea ice cream
Pepita-studded muesli bars


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