Thursday, April 20, 2017

Crunching the numbers (yet again)

For the past eight (!) years I've kept a spreadsheet recording the meals I cook at home. This is pretty easy to do as I keep a daily menu and every now and then just move the data from the hand-written menu to the spreadsheet. Using a menu helps ensure a varied diet and minimal waste; analysing the data each year reminds me to try new recipes from time to time! Over the past year (April 2016 to April 2017) our most-eaten meals were:

Leek, potato, cannellini bean, bacon and cream soup
Teriyaki ... something (tofu, veges, udon noodles, or a combination of those things)
Chinese dumplings
BLTs (sandwiches or wraps)
Creamy tuna pasta
Salmon steaks with veges
Spanish omelette
Pasta with homemade pesto

New favourites, which may appear in future most-eaten lists, include kelp noodle salad, rice paper rolls, spaghetti lentilaise and blue cheese soufflé.

Note to self: need to keep increasing the amount of vegetables in our diet. I hope to increase the size and yield of my vegetable garden over the coming year, so maybe that'll lead to new culinary discoveries too.

The last of our massive crop of tomatoes. They won't ripen outside
(it's too cold now) so fingers crossed I can convince them to ripen inside

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