Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Special Delivery: Favourite food to make and take

Annabel Crabb is a woman of many talents. I've long enjoyed her political commentary, her wry columns on everyday life, and her TV series Kitchen Cabinet. Not to mention, her outfits! I wish I knew where she found those fabulous shoes.

Anyway ... Annabel and her friend Wendy Sharpe produced a gorgeous recipe book, covering portable food, a few months ago and it seemed right down my alley. I do like a dish I can easily transport to the office for morning tea, or a friend's place for lunch or dinner. Special Delivery includes all manner of sweet and savoury dishes and after borrowing it from the library (on a short loan as there were dozens of others in the queue for it) I realised it needed to join my recipe book collection. I think it was the recipe for spaghetti lentilaise  a vego version of spaghetti bolognese  that convinced me. Can't wait to try it!

I was reluctant to buy the hard copy book though (my recipe book shelf is groaning under the weight of many, many books already) so tried something new ... I bought the Kindle version. First time I've bought an entire recipe collection as an e-book, and so far, so good. The book is fully searchable and has a comprehensive index. It'll be a new adventure, cooking from an electronic book.

Thanks Annabel and Wendy. Your recipes are delightful.

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