Sunday, September 03, 2017

Pulled pork and coleslaw burgers

A couple of months ago I attended a book launch where one of the finger food items was pulled pork sliders. What? It seems sliders are mini hamburgers. (Why? Because they're small enough to slide into your mouth, whole?) They were delicious and I've been combing menus for that distinctive flavour combination  shredded pork and coleslaw  ever since. Recently I mentioned my craving to a friend and she said you could buy pulled pork at the local supermarket. Why, so you can!

To construct the burgers, I firstly made some coleslaw (a.k.a. Swedish pizza salad) with red cabbage, carrot, spring onions, and a dressing comprising mayonnaise, natural yoghurt and a little Dijon mustard. I briefly microwaved 75 grams of pulled pork, mixed in a similar volume of coleslaw, and spooned the mixture into six mini rolls. (This made enough for dinner for two people.) 'Delightful and charming!', says Andrew.


On a separate note, we're going to our friends' place for dinner tonight, as we so often do on a Sunday. It's our turn to take a (child-friendly) dessert so I made a batch of Afghan cookies:

It's pretty safe to say the kids will approve

Update: Monday 1 January 2018

No, no, no, no, no! It seems the pulled pork fad is over. I've searched numerous supermarkets lately and have been unable to find pulled pork. I may need to find a new obsession ...

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