Saturday, December 31, 2016

Talkin' about an evolution

Well! What a year this has been. Don't get me started on the year's bizarre and sad politics. Syria. Brexit. Trump. WTF?

On a more personal level it has been another year of troughs and peaks. 2015 was characterised by health challenges and I'm grateful 2016 hasn't featured any hospital visits; this year has been more of an emotional roller coaster.

In January Japan stole our hearts

In February I learnt my job was on the line

In March (in the midst of job insecurity) we decided to move house ...

In April we travelled on the Indian Pacific

In June we moved to a groovy new place

In July we went to Lady Elliot Island to celebrate my 100th birthday (in base seven, that is)

In September we explored Victoria

In November our garden bloomed!

In December I pondered stuff and standing desks and made salads

The biggest surprise this year, for me, has been discovering my absolute JOY in gardening. It's been wonderful to finally move to a house with garden beds and weeds and lawns and so much potential. I feel like it has rewired my brain ... from being someone whose life revolved around indoor activities (cooking, reading, housework) to someone who would rather be gardening or mowing or cycling. Where to from here, I wonder? From recipe blogger to garden blogger? There's still a steep learning curve but it's all good fun.

Happy New Year.

May 2017 be kinder and less precarious than 2016

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