Thursday, December 01, 2016

No stuff please, we're minimalists

Happy December to you! Hasn't the year flown by? Here in Australia December tends to be a whirlwind of parties, shopping and gifts. But not everyone likes or wants tangible gifts. I've been saying 'no, thank you' to cluttery stuff for twenty years or so ... and yes, it can take that long to convince people you're serious! So, if your buddy doesn't want stuff but you still want to give a gift, what are some options?

Gifts that give twice ...

I love receiving Oxfam goats

Kiva microfinance vouchers (you can check out my loan recipients here)

Edible or drinkable gifts (say, some homemade shortbread or lemon butter, or a nice bottle of wine)

E-book vouchers

Movie vouchers

Restaurant vouchers

Your time ... over a coffee, helping out in the garden, or repairing something around their house

Vouchers for experiences like a foot massage, an opera or ballet, a balloon ride or a cooking class

Here's hoping for a clutter-free December and a happy 2017 ;-)


Glenda said...

Philip is big on Kiva loans and they pay you back so you can reload again and again. 🌲

Glenda said...

*reloan (damn auto correct)

Karin said...

Yes, indeed!