Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Nova Scotia

Six years ago this week, Andrew and I were in Nova Scotia, Canada, doing volunteer work with a pair of wildlife ecologists who were monitoring populations of small mammals. We met some great people who remain friends (despite our diverse locations  our fellow volunteers were from the USA, the UK, Japan and Switzerland) and saw some gorgeous sights. Here are a few photos from our two week adventure in Nova Scotia ...


Lobster pots outside a beach shack

Colourful houses in lovely Lunenburg

Beaver dam (we sat by the lake and waited 
very patiently to glimpse the beaver)

'Oh, the indignity! Next they'll want to weigh me ...'
(thanks to Kim for the photo)

Field signs ... who was here?
(thanks to Misato for the photo)

Bear poo!
(thanks to Chantil for the photo)

A porcupine up a tree
(thanks to Kim for the photo)

The autumn leaves were amazing
(thanks to Ann for the photo)

At the end of the two weeks we caught a fabulous train – The Ocean  from Halifax to Montréal. Here's a pic of the city from the top of Mount Royal.

Oh, Canada!

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