Sunday, April 20, 2014

Crunching the numbers

Well! Another year has gone by. Several years ago I started recording meals cooked at home on an Excel spreadsheet to get an idea of how varied our diet was. I keep a weekly menu anyway, so it's not difficult to take the extra step and churn out the stats. Here's what we ate at home this year:

hearty vegetable and barley soup (11 times)
vege burgers (10 times)
BLTs (9 times)
creamy tuna pasta (9 times)
pasta and sauce (9 times)
potato salad (9 times)
potato, leek, bacon and bean soup (8 times)
Spanish omelette (7 times)
Thai eggplant curry (7 times)
pasta and pesto (6 times)
seasonal vege omelette (6 times)

... and many other things too! A few new favourites have appeared on the menu recently:

eggplant and cheese bake
pumpkin risotto
falafel wraps
pumpkin, feta, beetroot and rocket salad
steamed silken tofu with lemongrass

and I rediscovered an old favourite, vegetable laksa.

All in all, a delicious and nutritious year. Yum.

Here's what we ate in previous years, if you're interested:

2009 to 2010
2010 to 2011
2011 to 2012
2012 to 2013

Yeah, yeah. I know I'm a geek ;-)

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