Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Number crunch ... another year has gone by

One year ago today I loaded almost a year of menus into an Excel spreadsheet to see what we'd eaten most often. The results are here. Well, I'm still writing menus so it is time for another year's data analysis!

Since 20 April 2010, I've cooked eighty-six different dishes, some of them once and many of them multiple times. This year, the most popular dinners at our house were:

Dal Makhani (13 times)
Spanish omelette (11 times)
Tomato fondue (8 times)
Pasta with home made pesto (7 times)
Potato salad (7 times)
Austrian-style mushrooms (6 times)
Brown rice soup (6 times)

A few more observations:

- I have a new favourite dish - rocket, pear, blue cheese and pecan salad. YUM. In fact, rocket appeared on our table in heaps of different salads. It is much more fun than ordinary lettuce.
- In addition to the list above there were lots of other salads, soups, fritters, curries and stir-fries, all delicious and nutritious. We're eating mostly vegetarian dishes these days, at least at home. Why? Environmental concerns, animal welfare worries, taste, frugality ...
- I've become increasingly attuned to using mainly local, seasonal produce. Having a farm shop around the corner helps!

Looking at a different type of statistics, it has been interesting to note an upswing in visitors to my blog this year. Partly, I guess, it is simply because I've told more friends and colleagues about it. But many of the visitors (ninety at last count) have been total strangers in countries the world over, 'googling' for a wattalapam recipe.

Thank you to everyone who reads the blog, and I hope you've found something here (wattalapam or whatever) that you liked. Cheers.

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