Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tonight's delight

... a salad of rocket [arugula], avocado, pears, mini tomatoes from our garden, crumbled Jindi Blue cheese, and toasted Australian pecans ... oh my!


Ann Smith said...

Wow, that sounds really yummy! I am not sure if we have the cheese or australian nuts but the rest sounds great! do you use a dressing on that or just plain. YOur garden must be wonderful! Thanks for sharing , Ann
EW team 6

Karin said...

Thanks Ann ;-)

We try to be "locavores" so if you do try it, there's no need to use Australian cheese or nuts; I'm sure you can find some that haven't travelled so far!

I didn't use a dressing and it was pretty flavoursome without, but if I did it would probably be (say) just a fresh lime squeezed over the lot, rather than anything fussy.

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