Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Easy peasy roasted nuts

The other day a colleague mentioned that he preferred crunchy almonds to raw ones. I let him in on a little secret ... it is really easy to make your own roasted nuts.

Just take a handful of raw almonds (or whatever type of nuts you fancy), spread them in a single layer on a ceramic plate, and microwave for one minute. Allow them to cool a little before taste testing (they become more crunchy as they cool), and cook for another minute if they're still a bit soft. That's it. Nuts are naturally quite high in fat (good fats) so you don't need to add anything to get them to cook. Different types of nuts have different properties and may take a longer (or shorter) time to become crunchy, so it is worth experimenting with your favourite varieties.

Store in an airtight container ... or just eat them!

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