Sunday, April 07, 2013

Brekkie @ Janek's Café, Bowral

We usually try to stop in Bowral for coffee (and maybe a meal) when driving between Sydney and Canberra. It's a good place to stretch legs and there are plenty of cafés to choose from. Janek's Café in Corbett Plaza, Wingecaribee Street, has some delicious all-day breakfast offerings.

He had:

The English breakfast ... fried eggs, bacon, pork sausage, bubble and
squeak, house made baked beans, brown sauce and
an English muffin, and a long black

Comments: the highlight was the home made baked beans. Lots of brown sauce to go with the sausages and bacon! Coffee was excellent.

She had:

Eggs Benedict with fresh Atlantic salmon
and avocado, and a flat white

Comments: lashings of Hollandaise! Yum. It was a nice change to try this dish with fresh rather than smoked salmon, and the avocado added an extra creaminess. The coffee hit the spot.

We liked it. Don't forget to pack an extra jumper if you're passing through Bowral ... it may be a charming wee town, but it's often chilly there!

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