Sunday, March 17, 2013

Avocado macaroni cheese

My favourite colour is kelly green. Now, I don't want to call it an obsession, but over the years I've amassed a green raincoat, a green backpack, a green bracelet, some green tops ... you get the idea. (I try not to wear them all at once.) I also like cooking and eating green food! Have you tried my peacamole, green tea ice cream or crème brulée, or avocado, lime and ginger ice cream? All are delicious, nutritious, and delightfully green.

Anyway, my friend Lisa recently recommended a recipe for avocado macaroni cheese (or 'mac and cheese', as the Americans would have it). Lisa's recipe sounded delicious but a bit fiddly. It had lots of ingredients, such as coriander [cilantro] and lime juice. I decided to try something simpler ... simply adding a mashed avocado to the cheese sauce before combining it with the cooked pasta. Seriously YUMMO.

Try it. I dare you! Oh, and if anyone wants a recipe for macaroni cheese (home made, not from a packet mix) please say so. I'd be happy to post one here.

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