Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brekkie @ Satis

Satis is a cute little vegetarian cafe in Windeyer Street, Watson. My other half isn't too fond of it as he likes bacon with his brekkie, but I love their food so went there yesterday with a friend.

We both had the 'Satis Favourite'  scrambled tofu with organic feta, chilli oil and wonderful house-made hash browns. Oh, and a Taj Mahal  chai-spiced coffee  too. Soooooo good. Satis is pretty secretive and you won't find many traces of them on the web. I don't even think they have a phone ... how gloriously retro!

My Satis Favourite. YUM.

Update: Sunday 6 December 2015

Satis has, alas, disappeared. It has been replaced by The Knox. Also good! Review here if you're interested ...

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Jo Savill said...

Ohhh, I miss Satis! It is such a great place for delicious breakfasts, and I love the quirky coffees too. Great to hear that it is still around!