Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Make do and mend

The other day I saw a young guy wandering around Canberra with ‘make do and mend’ written on his t-shirt. It reminded me of my new year’s non-resolution to buy nothing. My ‘buy nothing’ plan is more about saving resources than saving money, though I guess the two go hand in hand. So far, so good. Apart from consumables like food and cleaning products (which will ALL be consumed – I don’t do waste) I haven’t actually bought anything tangible this month. Woo hoo. I have, however, done quite a bit of ‘make do and mend’ – making hand-sewn repairs to some trousers, having my favourite winter boots re-soled and re-heeled, and managing to get some pesky stains out of an otherwise nice skirt. I’ve also purchased various intangible services, such as a haircut, some Kindle e-books, and attendance at several movies. The lovely Jo commented that she looked forward to hearing about my progress with the ‘buy nothing’ goal, and I fear there may not be much to report. Maybe I was already so frugal that it won’t be a stretch! We’ll see. If I do fall off the wagon, I suspect it will be with vintage or bespoke items, rather than mass-produced ‘stuff’. Canberra has some wonderful designers, recyclers and artisans, and it is always fun to support local talent …

There is an interesting article on saving money (and resources) on clothing by Amy Roseveare, here. Lots of good advice! I’ll try to remember it when I do need to shop again.

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