Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another experiment ... vegetarian tacos

Have you tried tempeh? I'd never heard of it till I spent a few weeks volunteering alongside a vegan a couple of years ago. Not being much of a fan of eating dead critters, I've been experimenting lately with vego alternatives. (Here's another of the experiments.)

Anyway, I like the spicy, crunchy nature of tacos but wanted to find a meatless version. Last night I tried using chopped tempeh in the place of minced beef, and it worked well! I used an Old El Paso Taco Kit and followed the recipe pretty closely, but replaced the 500g of mince specified with 300g of chopped, plain Nutrisoy tempeh.

Yum. Both my carnivorous partner and I enjoyed it. I'm going to keep experimenting with tempeh ... watch this space ...

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