Monday, November 08, 2010

The experiment worked! – Tandoori Tofu Salad

I've made the Tandoori Chicken Salad recipe in the first CSIRO diet book a number of times in the past and it has always been delicious. However, I am leaning more and more toward vegetarianism, and don't really like handling – or eating – meat. So tonight I tried making the recipe using tofu instead of chicken ... and it worked really well! Nutritious and delicious.

500 g firm, fresh tofu
1 tbsp tandoori paste
0.5 cup plain yoghurt

Cut the tofu into cubes. Combine the tandoori paste with the yoghurt, and marinate the tofu overnight in in the mixture, in the fridge.

(Next day): Preheat oven to about 180 degrees C, and bake the tofu chunks for half an hour or until a little crispy. Serve on a bed of rocket, chopped roma tomatoes and sliced Lebanese cucumbers, and drizzle plain yoghurt over the top.

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