Saturday, April 20, 2019

Another year has zoomed by ...

Ten years ago, today, I started a spreadsheet to record all the meals I cooked (based on the weekly menus I still maintain), and each year on 20 April I've listed what we ate the most. I wish I could say my cooking has become more diverse and creative since leaving my day job, but am not sure it has! These are the things we ate most frequently over the past year:

BLT wraps
falafel wraps
Chinese dumplings
creamy tuna pasta
potato salad
potato, leek, bacon and bean soup
pumpkin and coriander soup
teriyaki tofu with veges
macaroni cheese
rocket, pear, pecan and blue cheese salad

Which isn't to say I NEVER cook more adventurous things. Yesterday I made shakshuka and tonight we're having fesenjān. I think it's just that ... since moving to a house with a garden, I'd rather be gardening than cooking! Sometimes the two activities overlap – this year we've successfully gown pumpkins, garlic, chillies, various berries and a range of herbs – but these days you'll more often find me wearing gumboots than an apron. Ah well.

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