Saturday, September 30, 2017

Full of the joys of spring (eating)

One of my favourite food blogs, the Canada-based Bite-Sized Kitchen, recently featured a post on fall [autumn] dinner staples. Looking through this week's menu, I realised that, being in the southern hemisphere and having greeted spring this month, our eating has morphed to reflect the change of seasons. The shops and markets are brimming with gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetables, and suddenly our meals are bursting with extra colour, flavour and vitamins. What's on the menu for the next couple of weeks?

Chunky avocado salsa wraps
Haloumi, rocket and avocado salad
BLT wraps
Potato salad
Tomato and basil pizza
Cauliflower, sweet potato, coconut and curry soup
Creamy mushrooms on toast
Pulled pork burgers
Rice paper rolls and other noodle-y things
Chinese dumplings
Leek, potato, bacon, bean and cream soup
Cheese soufflé

Oh, and for dessert? Home made ice cream with fresh berries. This year I'm buying the berries; I'm hoping that by next year some or all of the raspberry, blueberry, gooseberry and passion fruit bushes I've planted will bear fruit. Fingers crossed ...

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