Sunday, September 11, 2016

A festival of French Toast

My partner Andrew is a BIG fan of French toast. We treat ourselves to Sunday brekkie at a cafe most weeks and if there's a French toast option he usually orders it. We've been to Stand By Me in Lyons four or five times now and they always have spectacular French toast specials. Today they outdid themselves with ...

Rocky Road French Toast!!

Oh. My. Goodness.

On other occasions they've had offerings such as:

French toast with poached pears, pear purée,  almond 
praline and almond cream

Going For Gold French toast (with mini pavlovas,
kiwifruit, passion fruit curd and Brazil nuts)

Key lime French toast with mango

It's a hard act to follow, though honourable mentions should also go to a few other Canberra cafes:

U&Co: French toast made with brioche, topped with candied walnuts,
caramelised banana and maple syrup, with a side of bacon

Little Oink: 'Parlez-vous francais ... toast': brioche
French toast 
with bacon and maple syrup

Chatterbox: Brioche French toast served with
banana and maple syrup

Andrew also recommends Toast Cafe in Surry Hills, Sydney ...


... where the French toast comes with grilled banana,
cinnamon ricotta, maple syrup and mixed berries

Most of these are too dessert-y for me. If you fancy trying a more savoury version of French toast ... how about Bombay toast?!

Recipe here if you're interested

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