Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Bombay toast comes to Canberra

I'm reading a wonderful novel set in Sri Lanka in the 1950s, The Sweet and Simple Kind by Yasmine Gooneratne. The book mentioned 'Bombay toast' and I just had to experiment! As regular readers (approximately two) of this blog will know, my partner is a big fan of French toast. It turns out that Bombay toast is a spicy, savoury version of French toast. There are a bunch of recipes on the web, but for this version I combined eggs, milk, spring onions [eschallots or scallions], chillies and cumin seeds. I then soaked slices of multigrain bread in the mixture till it was all soaked up, and fried them. It was surprising how well the mixture stuck to the bread ... I'd expected it to become detached!

Anyway, YUM. Give it a go.

We liked it

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