Sunday, January 07, 2018

Brekkie @ Penny University

Eating at Penny University is like being a patron of the arts, only better: you get to eat the art rather than having it clutter up your home. We've been to Penny University in Kingston a couple of times before (see here for a previous visit ... one year ago this week) and the food is always delicious, nutritious, and gorgeously presented. Today was no exception. We started with drinks, a long black for Andrew and a soy matcha latte (with a dusting of cinnamon) for me. It was hard to select from the menu as EVERYTHING sounded wonderful, but eventually we chose:

For him:

Banoffee croissant French toast, with banana, crushed
peanuts, vanilla whipped mascarpone, caramel popcorn, salted
caramel and shaved chocolate, with a side of bacon

For me:

'The Deep Dark Wood Breakky': Mixed mushrooms,
almonds and kale, sautéed with truffled honey, served with
house-made cauliflower brioche and whipped goat's cheese

Just magnificent. The menu operates all day so you can eat breakfast-style foods for lunch, or lunch-style foods for brekkie, if you like. Nice. Penny University is not cheap; in fact at almost $60 for today's breakfast it's probably the most expensive brekkie we've ever eaten. But for times when you feel like splurging on culinary art, it is perfect.

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