Thursday, July 20, 2017

Huggable podcasts

Happy Thursday!

Since moving to fabulous Kaleen last year I've fallen into a routine of riding my bike to work most days, but walking to the office on Thursdays. It's about 7 km so a fairly good chunk of exercise! On the days I walk I like to listen to music or podcasts along the way. It is also fun to listen to podcasts while gardening. Here are a few of my favourites:

ABC Radio National: Correspondents' Report, Dear Science, It's Not a RaceTrace, The Health Report, Best Practice, God Forbid, The Money (and probably others I've forgotten to list!)

I Hate My Boss: Solving workplace conundrums with a touch of humour.

Modern Love: The website says 'stories of love, loss and redemption'. Couldn't have put it better myself. You may need tissues.

Dear Prudence: An advice column. People ask the oddest things ...

Dear Sugar: More advice! I guess I'm interested in problem solving.

This American Life: A venerable radio show on all aspects of American life.

The Minimalists: Thoughts on living a well-curated existence.

The Good Life: My local federal MP, Dr Andrew Leigh, interviews people about living a happy, healthy and ethical life.

Brain food ;-)

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