Wednesday, June 07, 2017

An Oregonian adventure

Almost nine years ago Andrew and I went overseas for eight weeks (!) and a professor visiting Canberra from Oregon minded our house while we were away. We've kept in touch with him since then and he's often said we should visit Oregon. So, when we planned a trip across Canada this year, we took a three-day side trip to visit that beautiful state! Our friend took us on a whirlwind tour featuring waterfalls, snowfields, volcanoes, oh, and millions of trees ...

Mount Hood

At Timberline Lodge, where we ate a fabulous buffet lunch

A hole created by a tree being covered in lava from a volcanic eruption
about 7,000 years ago; the area is called the lava cast forest

Five Pine Lodge ... gorgeous!

Oregon was spectacular and it was very kind of our friend to show us so many sights. Oh, and the food was excellent too.

Next stop Canada ...

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