Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Bright by name, bright by nature

We're in Bright, Victoria! A seriously cute little town. It's on the way to the mountains so the population and busy-ness varies widely from season to season, a bit like in Jindabyne, I guess. We travel to Victoria most years to enjoy the country towns, the local produce, the wineries and the scenery, but hadn't ever stayed in Bright. So it has been lovely to explore a new place. Bright is surrounded by delightfully named wee towns like Myrtleford and Harrietville. The whole region has reinvented itself in recent years; up until about ten years ago a lot of local farms grew tobacco. Now you see more diversified crops and industries, including ...

Local wines, walnuts, olives, mustards, chocolate and pumpkin seeds

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Suganya's Thai Restaurant:

Stayed at the seriously adorable Autumn Affair Cottages:

and have enjoyed the sights and flavours ...

Thanks, Bright!

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