Monday, July 25, 2016

Hello again, Lady Elliot Island

Andrew and I like fish. Not so much to eat, but to look at and swim with. Recently we made our third visit to Lady Elliot Island and it was spectacular! Our previous visits, in February 2013 and March 2014, were in late summer/early autumn, and this time we specifically chose to go in mid-winter to coincide with manta ray migration season. We were not disappointed. There were SOOOO many mantas ... and humpback whales! While many people snorkel with cameras we don't, so I can't show photos of the marine critters we saw. But here are a few other pics from the holiday in case anyone is interested ...

Tantalising view of the island from the window of a tiny plane

Buffet brekkie ...

... and the Buff-banded rail (a.k.a. the buffet bandit)

Chateau de hermit crabs

The Red-tailed tropicbird snoozes under a tree

Lunch ... Reuben sandwich

Sunrise ...

... and sunset


I'm a more adventurous snorkeller than Andrew, so although we snorkelled together in the (shallow) lagoon each morning, I went out on boat trips each day while he stayed behind and enjoyed more land-based pursuits. On my first 'snorkel safari' trip we saw about sixty manta rays, and on the second ... two humpback whales cruised past while our group was exploring the deep water. A truly amazing experience. I hope we'll go back again someday.

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