Saturday, December 19, 2015

A non-cluttery gift guide

We live in a tiny house and just don't need any more stuff. For about twenty years now I've been asking people not to give me tangible, durable gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. Some assume that means I don't want to celebrate special occasions but that's not true! It's just that I don't want them to waste their money, and the planet's resources, on stuff I won't appreciate or have room for in my life. Maybe you know someone who doesn't want more clutter. There are plenty of other ways you can wish them a merry birthday, Christmas, or other special occasion ...

  • Take them out for a meal or send a voucher for a restaurant or cafĂ© near them
  • Buy (or grow) a plant for their garden
  • Do they have a Kindle or other e-book reader? E-book vouchers!
  • Food and wine are fun to receive and ephemeral
  • Maybe they're going overseas soon and could use some foreign currency? US$, euros, yen or whatever
  • Charity gifts (if they're so inclined), such as a goat for a needy community
  • If they're into microfinance, Kiva vouchers
  • Virtual gift exchanges ... for example, for many years my sister and I have each taken ourselves out to the hairdresser before Christmas and pretended our new 'dos were gifts from each other
  • Mobile phone credit
  • Fancy soaps that'll make their bathroom smell lovely for a week or so then disappear down the drain
  • Bike repair vouchers
  • Movie vouchers
  • Google Play/iTunes vouchers
  • Experiences ... cooking classes, language classes, a day out in a kayak, a concert, a ballet, a play, an exhibition ...

C'mon people. Let's avoid the deadweight loss of Christmas!

Happy holidays to y'all.

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Denise said...

Love it, and a thousand times yes! We prefer these sorts of gifts too.