Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brekkie @ Bay Leaf, Apollo Bay

My partner wanted me to call this post 'Breakfast roulette @ Bay Leaf ...' as we didn't quite end up eating what we expected! That said, it was still a lovely meal. When I arrived at the counter to order the barista had her hands full and took our order without writing it down. I wanted the mushrooms and he wanted the baked beans, but somehow his order morphed into corn fritters. Luckily that would have been his second choice.

He had:

Corn fritters, smoked salmon, avocado and a poached egg

while she had:

Field mushrooms with polenta, feta and tomato relish

Apollo Bay is a funny place. Like many tourist towns on the Victorian coast it is frantic in summer and almost abandoned in winter. That said, even in the winter there are plenty of brekkie options. We counted about six places we could have eaten. We enjoyed our meal at the Bay Leaf and our visit to the Great Ocean Road.

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