Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tiffin @ Raffles

Last week we were in Singapore and we tried something different ... the North Indian curry buffet in the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel. (Cliché or icon? You decide.)

We've visited Singapore a number of times and always enjoy the street food. It is plentiful, inexpensive and delicious. Our lunch at Raffles was plentiful, expensive and delicious. We booked ahead (a good idea; we know people who've tried to get in at short notice and missed out), read up on the dress code (posh frock for her, long pants and collared shirt for him) and had a lovely lunch.


View of the entrance to the restaurant


Our fellow diners (the buffet tables are in the distance)


My photos of the food didn't do it justice! Sorry


Yet another picturesque nook at Raffles

Some online reviews of the Tiffin Room say the food isn't spicy enough. It was pretty mild. But if you want hot food, go to Little India, not Raffles! I made up for the mildness by loading my plate with chilli pickles.

The wonderfully elegant buffet tables offered soup, curries (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), condiments, salads, and some fabulous desserts. Raffles is a weird place to dine as there's a constant stream of tourists taking photos of the building and gardens.

Nevertheless, a fun splurge!

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