Sunday, November 16, 2014

Brekkie @ Little Oink

If you're a vegetarian (or have religious objections to eating pork) please avert your eyes now. This cafe is not for you. The name might be a bit of a clue ...

Little Oink is in the shopping centre at Cook, in Belconnen, Canberra. Somebody recommended it recently on the Canberra blog The RiotACT so we decided to give it a go! Someone there has a sense of humour  and a taste for word play  as there are some great dish names on the menu, for example 'Don't go bacon my heart', 'Chorizo your own adventure', and 'Salmon to watch over me'. Cute.

He had:

'Parlez-vous francais ... toast': brioche French toast
with bacon and maple syrup, plus a long black

while she had:

'Get in my pork belly': sticky pork belly, poached
eggs and potato rosti, plus a flat white

We enjoyed our meals and will have to go back again as there were a bunch of other things that sounded good too. The shop was delightfully rustic, with giant murals and d├ęcor that might have escaped from a different decade. Nice ...

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