Sunday, May 04, 2014

Trifling matters

When I was young my mum used to make a dessert called trifle. It consisted (if I recall correctly) of layers of sherry-soaked sponge cake, tinned peaches, jam, custard and cream. It looked pretty impressive at a dinner party. Then, when Andrew and I visited the USA about 14 years ago, our friend Lisa very kindly threw a party so we could meet some of her fellow Pittsburghers. One of her friends brought a chocolate trifle. It was delicious, and I asked for the recipe. Not being very familiar with processed foods, I was surprised to learn it contained chocolate cake (made from a packet mix), sweetened cream (out of a can), and a chopped chocolate toffee bar.

Anyway ... this weekend I found myself with half a chocolate mud cake, left over from a surprise party we attended. In a spirit of waste not, want not, I had a go at creating a local version of the chocolate trifle.

half a (day old) chocolate mud cake, roughly chopped
60 g white chocolate, roughly chopped
150 ml pouring cream, lightly whipped
125 g fresh blueberries, slightly squished

I combined all the ingredients into a mushy brown mess. (Not sure if something that is mingled rather than layered can be considered a trifle?) We enjoyed it, though it wasn't the most aesthetically pleasing of desserts! It was a little reminiscent of my deconstructed pavlova (or as my friend Denise calls it, Eton Mess). Maybe next time, I'll try layering it in parfait glasses and it'll be more worthy of the name trifle ...

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