Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Brekkie @ Rosieblu Gourmet Deli, Bundaberg

Last week we visited Bundaberg, Queensland, for two nights, before and after our visit to Lady Elliot Island. It is a charming and friendly town. We enjoyed the architecture ...

... and the food. Our first day there we ventured out in search of breakfast, and stumbled across the very cute, and very popular, Rosieblu Gourmet Deli. It's sort of a combination café/deli/providore, and had some delicious offerings.

She had ...

Salmon eggs benedict

while he had

French toast with bananas and maple
syrup, and a side of bacon

The coffee was also good

We ate so much during our five nights on the island that we barely had any appetite on our return visit to Bundaberg, but did enjoy a lovely lunch (Turkish bread, local olive oil, macadamia dukkah and handmade hummus) at Indulge Café, and would have liked more time to sample other items from their fabulous menu. Perhaps there will have to be a return visit one day ...?

Return visit: July 2016

We visited Bundaberg again this month! Rosieblu is still there and still good. This time we had:

Salmon Delight: creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on a
bed of rocket potato rosti, finished with capsicum and capsicum mayonnaise

Rosie's Classic: two poached eggs, bacon, roasted
tomato, spinach, relish, and hand-cut toast

Who knows. Perhaps there'll be a third visit one day!

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