Monday, August 12, 2013

Brussels sprouts with a twist

A couple of years ago I published this recipe for stir-fried brussels sprouts. Seriously yummy! Then a couple of days ago my friend Rachel and I were discussing all the lovely spring vegetables that are starting to appear in Canberra. (Watch this space for some asparagus suggestions.) I mentioned my stir-fried brussels sprouts, and she asked if I'd ever tried adding bacon. Well, I hadn't, but tried it last night and the combination was delicious! Just three ingredients ... give it a go ...

garlic, chopped
bacon, chopped
brussels sprouts, sliced lengthwise into ~2 mm slices

Fry the bacon and garlic in a pan. (No extra fat required, as the bacon provides enough.) Add the sprouts and toss until they're golden, yet still firm.


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