Saturday, April 20, 2013

Annual culinary number crunch

For several years now I've been recording what I cook at home (in a Excel spreadsheet  how nerdy is that?) and doing an annual number crunch to find out what we've been eating. The results from 20112012 are here, 20102011 are here, and 20092010 are here. This year's list is a bit underwhelming. Think it may be time I diversified a bit! Anyway, here's what we ate the most:

pasta and sauce (various pasta and various sauces, whether bought or home made)
vegetable omelette (whether Spanish or with seasonal vegetables)
potato salad
hearty vegetable soup
pasta and (home made) pesto

There have been a few new entrants to the menu lately  avocado macaroni cheese and all manner of vegetable omelettes, for example  but I need to try some more new recipes, or maybe trawl the spreadsheet to be reminded of some old favourites.

No matter what I make, cooking is still a joy. I've been away from home for several weeks lately  on holiday, at a course, at a conference, and showing a friend around Sydney  and felt quite discombobulated being away from cooking facilities. Some people find mindfulness in meditation ... I find it in cooking! And housework. (Don't tell anyone. It is very unfashionable to enjoy cleaning one's own house.)

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