Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Banana sorbet

The delightful Chocolate and Zucchini blog had a recipe for banana sorbet this week. My favourite organic shop was selling overripe bananas, four for a dollar, on Saturday so I decided to give it a go!

This is the point where I have to confess I should have read the recipe again before attempting it ;-) While C&Z clearly stated that the bananas should be peeled and sliced before freezing, I just put the bananas in the freezer whole. It turns out it is actually quite difficult to peel and chop a frozen banana. I eventually managed to do it with a sharp vegetable knife, then struck the next hurdle. My blender – a reasonably robust model – was reluctant to mulch the hard chunks of banana. Eventually I achieved a vague sorbet, but not without anxieties about the motor burning out ...

In the end it was delicious, if not exactly picturesque

My advice? Follow the recipe (d'oh, Karin!) and make sure you have a sturdy blender. Definitely don't try this with a handheld blender as it will probably die. Oh, and if you like sorbet-style desserts, you may like to try my peach and mango sorbet, avocado, lime and ginger ice cream, or ruby grapefruit mocktail. Enjoy.

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