Thursday, January 03, 2013

Ruby grapefruit mocktail

Grapefruit has had some bad press lately. Apparently if you eat grapefruit it can have adverse reactions with prescription medication, so if you're taking drugs it may be best to skip this recipe. On the other hand, if you're fit and well and (like me) love ruby grapefruit, this is fabulous, natural and oh-so-cooling on a hot day!

You'll need:

2 ruby grapefruit
about 10 to 20 ice cubes
a blender

Place the juice and (if liked) pulp of the grapefruit in the blender with the ice. Blend and serve.


(Oh and Emily, if you happen to read this  thanks for selling me your wonderfully retro blender. It's still going strong.)

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Em said...

Was that my blender?!?! I have a memory like a sieve ;) Glad it's being used for such yummy delights!