Saturday, May 12, 2012

Awwwww, shucks

Hey hey! The delightful Jo Savill has nominated my blog for a Liebster Award. While I'd never heard of these till yesterday, apparently Liebster Awards are awarded to blogs with fewer than 200 followers (this one definitely qualifies!) and in turn, I get to 'pay it forward' by nominating some little-known blogs that I think are worthy of being read and followed. What a great idea. Thanks for your vote of confidence Jo. Here are a few blogs I'd like to recommend:

Jewellery Stories - I stumbled across Emma Kidson, a talented young jeweller who lives a couple of hours from Canberra, at the Old Bus Depot Markets. Emma makes some gorgeous and fascinating pieces, and her blog not only documents her work, but shares travel adventures, renovations and reflections on life.

KC's Food Affairs - My partner and I met the 'Food Floozy' when we all did some volunteer work with koalas in Victoria last year. FF and her husband 'Great Kong' are true foodies, and share both restaurant reviews and recipes on their site. Like me, FF and GK love Asian food, so there are plenty of yummy suggestions on their blog for next time we find ourselves in Melbourne ...

Walter Mason - I don't know Walter personally, but have been following his blog since reading his delightful book Destination Saigon a couple of years ago. Walter's blog is an eclectic mix of  travel tales, and musings on literature, religion and spirituality. I really enjoy reading about his travels around Asia. Blogging must run in the family, as Walter's partner Thang writes a wonderful Sydney food blog called Noodlies. Noodlies is unlikely to qualify for this award (I'm sure it has hundreds, if not thousands, of followers) but check it out anyway – the restaurant reviews are always mouth-watering!

Please visit these wonderful blogs, and if I've listed your blog here, feel free to pass the award along. Cheers!

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Jo Savill said...

Thanks for passing on the award, I love discovering the blogs you enjoy reading. Although, reading KC's Food Affairs just makes me want to move to Melbourne! I'll know what to eat next time I'm there though!