Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lunch @ the Albion, Braidwood

A couple of days ago there was a landslide on the Kings Highway, which is the main route Canberrans use to get to the NSW South Coast. We'd been meaning to visit the country town of Braidwood for a while, but this weekend seemed like the perfect time, as the road would be much less busy than usual! Plus we figured that the good folks of Braidwood would be missing their usual weekend activity and could use our tourist dollars. Had a lovely time checking out Hoola Hoop Classic and Vintage Clothing, enjoyed tasting a range of ciders at the Old Cheese Factory, Reidsdale, and had lunch at the Albion. Yum ...

He had: Chorizo hot dog with pickles, mushrooms and romesco sauce.
Comments: Nice. Good, spicy, filling.

She had: Five-spice calamari with green papaya salad.
Comments: Wonderful mélange of flavours. Yummo!

Sorry, no pics this time. By the time I thought to take some we'd already started demolishing our meals. Anyway, it was a lovely day out. Braidwood is cute, the dress shop is fabulous, and the Albion serves a delicious lunch.

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