Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wonderful, windy Wellington

Following a few days in Wanganui (or should that be Whanganui? The signs vary) last week, we spent three nights in Wellington, the charming and quirky capital city of New Zealand. Wellington is famous for its windy weather. It didn't disappoint.

We did a lot of walking and eating in our three days! I'd heard there was a new international food market called Capital Market so we gave that a go. It felt a bit like a Singapore hawker centre, and we could choose from many different cuisines. Rather predictably, we opted for Malaysian!

He had:

Nasi lemak with beef

while she had:

Vegetarian roti canai


Still craving spicy foods, we caught a bus to the eclectic suburb of Newtown the following day, and enjoyed lunch at Planet Spice:

Dal makhani, navratan korma, rice, and butter naan

Something we've noticed, on this and previous trips to New Zealand, is that Indian curries seem creamier than at home. Mmmmmm! We suspect it's due to the plentiful grass leading to well-fed cows and super-creamy butter ...

We also caught the Wellington Cable Car up the hill to Kelburn twice, to eat at our old favourite Caffe Mode.

The Cable Car. Still cute!

In case you think the visit was all about food ... we did do some other stuff! There's a fabulous exhibition called Unfolding the Map, about the cartography of New Zealand, currently showing at the National Library. There were some wonderful old maps on display and we liked this sign showing some actual New Zealand place names:

We also visited the Wellington Museum, the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa), and the Great War exhibition at the Dominion Museum.

Andrew usually likes to stock up on local-interest books when we visit other cities and was dismayed to learn that several local book shops had disappeared since our last visit in 2012. Despite this we did manage to gather (ahem) about ten books in our travels! Bizarrely, as Wellington has lost book shops it seems to have gained shoe shops. There are SO many lovely shoe shops on Lambton Quay. Have Wellingtonians given up on reading and developed a shoe fetish? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

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