Thursday, October 04, 2012

Brunch @ Caffe Mode

We stumbled across Caffe Mode in Kelburn (Wellington, New Zealand) about ten years ago, and since then have been back every time we've gone to Wellington. Twice, on some visits! Their creamy garlic mushrooms are sooooooooo good. It is also fun to get to, at it is at the top of a hill and you can travel there on the Wellington Cable Car. (Technically it is a funicular railway rather than a cable car, but hey, let's not split hairs.)

Anyway ... we spent the last few days near Wellington catching up with rellies, and managed to squeeze in a visit to Caffe Mode.

He had:

French toast with bacon, bananas, and a stylish
twist of orange. Macchiato. 'It was great.'

She had:

Creamy garlic mushrooms with toast. Flat white. 'YUM!'

Caffe Mode on Urbanspoon

We caught:

The Wellington Cable Car. Cute ;-)

Update: Sunday 25 October 2015

We spent three days in Wellington last week (following a few days spent with family in Wanganui) and renewed our acquaintance with Caffe Mode. It's still gorgeous! We actually had brekkie there twice, despite having to walk through some fairly ferocious weather.

Once again, I had:

Creamy garlic mushrooms. Both times. (Obsessed? Possibly!)

Andrew mixed it up a bit, trying:

Spicy beans on toast with chorizo

and of course:

French toast with bacon and banana

Thank you Caffe Mode! We hope you'll still be there next time we visit wonderful Wellington ...

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