Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Delightful Daylesford

We're still wandering around country Victoria. (We are creatures of habit and take annual road trips around Victoria!) This week we spent two nights in Daylesford, which is a town we'd briefly stopped in before but had never explored in detail. Despite being a bit of a tourist trap it was a lovely place to visit.

We stayed at a boutique hotel called The Manse, which (it seems) is a word for the accommodation provided to a Presbyterian minister. Unsurprisingly the house was next to a church. Anyway ... gorgeous! One of the cutest and quirkiest places we've stayed. The five or so guest rooms were themed. Ours was the zebra room, and sure enough it was full of African-animal-inspired objects:

The room also had a fabulous little kitchen in a cupboard:

The first night we were there we had dinner at the Taj Mahal Restaurant. Seriously yummy. The restaurant is in a house so we had the weird sensation we were eating in someone's lounge room. We ate dal makhani, vegetable korma, garlic naan and saffron rice, and washed it all down with some gulab jamun and pistachio ice cream. Definitely worth a visit.

What else did we do there? Walked around the picturesque lake, climbed up Wombat Hill, enjoyed a delicious brunch at Frangos and Frangos, drank natural mineral water at Hepburn Springs, guzzled coffee and wandered aimlessly. Nice.

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