Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm dreaming of a stuff-free Christmas

Isn't it funny how we spend the early part of our life trying to amass belongings, then later years saying 'please, no more stuff!' (Or is it just me?) As a kid I'd count down till birthdays and Christmas, hoping to receive whatever I needed at that time. As an adult I just cross my fingers that no more stuff comes my way!

It's taken a long time to (ahem) train the people in my life not to buy me tangible objects but it works pretty well these days. Instead of exchanging clutter we buy experiences (haircuts, tickets to a concert or play), consumables (such as food or wine, where the product will be consumed and the packaging recycled) or charitable donations (anyone for a goat or two?) This year my partner bought me a Kindle voucher (yaaay! e-books) and I bought him a catering pack of his favourite chai tea bags. My sister and I shouted each other a hairstyle. I gave my mother a trip to the ballet and she contributed to a charity on my behalf.

I'll be delighted if the rest of the week proceeds in a similarly unstuffy manner ...

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