Tuesday, June 04, 2013

On inappropriate behaviour and fearlessness

Recently one of my colleagues said something rude and offensive. About me. In a staff meeting where six other people were present. (Way to go. Plenty of witnesses.) I just gave him a withering look and moved on to thinking about something else, but one of my other workmates felt something needed to be said, and told him his behaviour toward me had been inappropriate and he owed me an apology. Half an hour later he emailed a half-hearted apology. I emailed a magnanimous reply, and I imagine we'll both pretend the insult never happened.

It was nice of my (second) colleague to stick up for me, and of others to ask afterwards if I was OK. But the situation has me musing about how little I cared. Once upon a time I would have felt devastated if someone had attacked me in this way. Agonised for days over what I'd done wrong. Taken the insult personally. But none of this happened. What's changed? A few ideas ...

 I had the moral high ground, knowing I hadn't said or done anything wrong
 Maybe I've just (finally) learnt to ignore inappropriate behaviour
 I have sufficient self-esteem to brush off stupid comments

My favourite explanation, though, is the fearlessness that comes with age. Let's raise a glass to being forty-something, fabulous and fearless!

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