Friday, April 12, 2013

Postcard from Fremantle

This week I'm in Fremantle, Western Australia, for the 6th IPEd National Editors Conference. I won't waffle on about the conference  there are numerous bloggers and tweeters doing that already  but wanted to share a few pics of this lovely maritime village. It's only about half an hour from Perth, yet feels like a country town.

At Moore & Moore Cafe on Henry Street

Wonderfully quirky!

Couldn't resist visiting Old Shanghai, which is like a
Singapore-style hawker centre in downtown Freo ...

... for roti and a potato curry. Twice!

There's some fabulous architecture here. This is 
the Esplanade Hotel, where the conference is being held

I'd heard of yarn bombing ... but flax bombing?

The conference is excellent. Congratulations to all the organisers and presenters.

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Denise said...

The place looks lovely (and yummy!) - i've never been to Western Australia, must get there one of these days!

I look forward to hearing more about IPEd around the traps :)