Sunday, April 07, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes

This evening we went to dinner at some friends' place. We have a regular arrangement where one of us makes the main course and the other dessert, and vice versa next time. Tonight it was my turn to provide dessert, and I made a cardamom-spiced rice pudding:

Recipe here, if you're interested!

Anyway, our friends have three small boys, and are attempting to get them to try new flavours. Fair enough! Thomas (aged six) proclaimed 'it makes my throat burn' and 'dessert is supposed to be yummy'. Daniel (aged four) was speechless. Mark (aged three) said 'I can't eat this'.

Thankfully, most of the adults enjoyed the dessert ... and I have sufficient self esteem not to take all the rejections personally! Any suggestions for what I should make next time?

P.S. apparently it's not just me. A.A. Milne wrote a delightful poem about kids who reject rice pudding.

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