Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dinner @ the Saffron Room

This restaurant review begins with a tale of utter confusion. A few months ago, Andrew and I noticed a new Malaysian restaurant had opened near Yerrabi Pond in Gungahlin. We made a mental note to go back sometime, as it looked nice. Fast forward to last week, and I sought out the restaurant's web site and called them to make a booking. There was no answer, but a little later someone called me back (having noticed a missed call) and I booked a table for dinner. When we arrived a couple of days later, the place now appeared to be a Persian restaurant called the Saffron Room! Apparently it had changed cuisines since we first saw it. They didn't have a booking for me, and I still have no idea whether I had a dinner booking somewhere and if so, where. One of life's little mysteries.

Anyway ... we stayed for dinner! The Persian food was fabulous. We ordered:

Traditional hummus with Persian bread
Kabab Koobideh (lean lamb mince skewers)
Vegetarian Fesenjoon (a slow-cooked pomegranate and walnut stew, with saffron, cinnamon, grilled pumpkin and saffron rice)
Saffron ice cream
Dough (a traditional Persian drink made with unsweetened yoghurt)

No photos this time, sorry, but we can definitely recommend the food. The service was also excellent, and the outdoor dining area ideal on a warm summer's evening.

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