Sunday, October 14, 2012

Doing a happy dance

Sometimes the squeaky wheel does get the oil! Seven months ago I announced on this blog that I was addicted to Easiyo's coconut flavour. Rather predictably (in hindsight) all the Australian retailers rapidly deleted it from their ranges. I contacted the Easiyo company in New Zealand, who promptly and politely informed me that it was still being made, and was in fact their most popular flavour. Curiouser and curiouser. I contacted Woolworths, who (again, promptly and politely) advised that they'd stopped stocking it due to insufficient customer demand.

Feeling rather alarmed by this, I picked up twelve packets of the stuff while in NZ last week, and set up a little hoard at home. Then today ... I discovered the shops have started stocking the flavour again. Maybe my lobbying helped. Maybe it was irrelevant. Either way, I'm delighted it is available. (I just hope my mentioning it here doesn't jinx it ... again ...)


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