Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brekkie @ Joey's Kitchen

Don't you just love Sunday mornings? We do. For us, they generally involve a leisurely bike ride to a café somewhere, followed by an even more leisurely breakfast. Today's venue was the stylish Joey's Kitchen at the Watson shops.

He had: French toast with ricotta, fresh strawberries, maple syrup and a side of bacon. Long black.
Comments: French toast was good, and bacon nice and crispy. Would have liked more maple syrup.

His ...

She had: Vegetarian corn fritter stack with roast tomato, sautéed baby spinach, avocado and poached egg, plus (ahem – not so vegetarian) chorizo chipolatas. Flat white.
Comments: Very yummy!

... and hers!

Joey's Kitchen is also open for lunch and dinner. It is just a few doors away from Satis.

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qwerky said...

I also had the corn fritters for breakfast. They were dry, tasteless and inedible, and served with barely cooked tomato. I did politely tell the waiting person about it and was refunded, so maybe my experience will be better next time, because I used to love going there when it was Carlo's. I LOVED the hash browns, wish they'd do them again!

Karin said...

Hey Qwerky - thanks for popping by! Sorry to hear you didn't like the fritters. I've noticed that the chorizo chipolatas have gone downhill since my review. They used to be really spicy, and are now pale and tasteless. Gonna stop ordering them. We loved Carlo's too - their big brekkie was delicious, and the tortilla baskets with berries and lime yogurt fabulous!